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William is dedicated to reopening our schools so all children who need in-person instruction don’t risk falling behind. A graduate of public schools, Williams is committed to ensuring they are properly funded and that their curriculum prepares students for the economy of the future with excellent STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) instruction. He also favors expansion of the Education Improvement Tax Credit and other vehicles for school choice for families who need it.

Public Safety

Public Safety

William will resist the reckless calls by the left to “defund” our police and will always fight to ensure Pennsylvania State Police receive optimal resources from Harrisburg. He will support effective anti-opioid addiction programs and oppose any so-called “safe injection sites” in Pennsylvania. William furthermore will back increased funding for security personnel in our schools.

Rebuilding the Economy

Rebuilding the Economy

State executive orders are still forcing too many small businesses to shutter or curtail operations, compromising the livelihoods—and therefore the lives—of too many Pennsylvanians. William will work to safely complete our state’s economic reopening. He will also back reforms to limit the regulatory and tax burdens on our families and job creators. This would include amending the PA Constitution that would limit the growth of state spending to the rate of inflation plus population growth over a three-year timespan.

William Michael the Change

Pennsylvania Needs?

William is running because I love our community and am troubled by Harrisburg failing to address our vital needs regarding public health and safety, education, and our economy. “While some of my fellow twenty-somethings choose to riot, I’ve dedicated himself to working for positive change for all of us.” Let Save Pennsylvania Freedom Together.

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William Michael is running for State Representatives of District 149 to help work together to save Pennsylvania Freedom.



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